Monday, October 26, 2009


How to get starting Google AdSense program and start making money with Adsense?

Build your own web site with fresh content.
You may use your favorite CMS software like blogspot, wordpress or try building your own website for full customization.
Sign up for free to get your Adsense publisher ID.
Do not forget to include your new website in your adsense applications.
Get the AdSense script code (click fo detail Adsense setup) from setup tab in Adsense member area and place that AdSense code on to your page.
Maintain your site to attract visitors come to your site
Do your best to get traffics come to your site by submit to major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista and so on. Submit also to Social Bookmarking and Social Networking. Do not forget to posting in some blogs and some articles directories relateds to your website content..
Try to be patient because those all process take a very long time, for example you have to wait for weeks or even months to be indexed by Search Engine. to monitor your website performance use Web Tool

How does Google Adsense program works ?

Once the Adsense script code placed on to your website, Google will automatically appearing its relevant Adsense on it. That is why Adsense called the contextual ads.

Google Adsense team willl gives you the money for every single click to your Adsense, payment will made by cheque when your Adsense earning reach $100. But do not even try to click Adsense by your self or ask your friends to do it, Google will knows it and make your site suspended. For more information you may read on Program Policies.

So how to make money on Internet? start building your own website and start earning money from Google Adsense program

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